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Welcome To Everyone From TPEB!

2011 March 29
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by Andrew   

Welcome to everyone from Personal Excellence!

It’s great having you all visit! I sincerely hope you’re finding content that’s valuable to you. If there’s anything I can help you find, please free to use the contact link at the top of the page. Also, for my fellow BIB participants, your feedback has been invaluable and I look forward to our continued growth together!

I’d like to point all of my new visitors to the Getting Started page for a quick-start to 360 Minutes’ core content. Also, several of the articles linked there contain graphical examples or downloadable tools to help with the application of the concepts. Those are also listed below for your convenience, and the downloads are free.

Processing, or Let’s Make Some Hole
In the context of office productivity, the hole we will make is in the pile of “stuff” cluttering your brain (more on this in a near-future article) and in-basket(s), whether they exist as actual in-baskets, a box of notes hiding under your desk, an email inbox, notes scribbled on napkins and squirreled away in your briefcase, or a combination of these methods and others.

Clean Up Your Mind!
Unless you regularly make an effort to capture everything nagging away at you in your head and get it out, your mind is cluttered with myriad things that need doing – regardless of whether you’re consciously thinking about them. That perpetual nagging robs you of your productivity, saps your strength, wastes your energy, and dramatically increases the amount of effort it takes to stay focused on tasks.

Schedule Mercilessly
Fighting your schedule daily can strain the best working relationships and sap the energy from your power breakfast as soon as you get to the office…whether that office is in an office building or your home. Here I will share some tips – learned the easy way and the hard way – for making your schedule work for you.

Daily Notes, or the Joy of Writing
Daily notes…journals…work diaries…project notes…whatever. They need to be kept and maintained, and most people loathe to keep them. I’m going to recommend an easy method of keeping these critical notes and, hopefully, show why they’re critical.

Decide What’s Important
Decide what’s important. To you, to your family, at home, and at work. Until you make this decision and commit to the principles required to do what’s important, you will spend countless hours doing things that are not important to you. Sustained effort without knowing what’s important will dramatically increase your stress and erode your quality of life.

Productivity, uninterrupted
Do you find your best productive time interrupted by…well, interruptions? Can you sign this… Where do I… Which department is responsible for… Our best client needs… The list of potential interruptions is endless, but not all requests are created equal, and some of your time must be generally uninterruptible.

Delegate! But, Don’t Fire and Forget!
Do you find yourself with more tasks, assignments, or projects than you could possibly finish yourself? Even if you could finish them all yourself, should you? If you have staff, coworkers, or teammates for whom you’re responsible in any way…workload management, professional development, or mentoring…you need an effective way to delegate. Fire-and-forget is not the answer, but here’s one solution…

And, last but not least, the following article contains the steps to the 15-Day Life Reset:

Is your routine driving you crazy?
Is your routine driving you crazy? Insanity has sometimes been described as doing the same thing – again and again – and expecting a different result. Oftentimes, we apply brilliant process improvement to our work lives while allowing our personal lives (or work:home life ratio) to enter a death spiral.

Enjoy life,


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