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Sometimes Vacation Must Be Your Priority

2011 June 28
tags: Relaxation, Rest, Self-Care, Vacation, Valuing Others
by Andrew   


Sometimes, vacation must be your priority…

And this week, it’s my priority. I didn’t go far, but I had the opportunity to take my son fishing and to spend some time away from my usually hectic daily pace. I had the opportunity to take him on a short trip together we could both enjoy, spend some time outdoors, and have a good time together. So I took the opportunity.


Here are a few more photos from the morning on the river. Despite being whacked in the head by two fishing poles, experiencing a moment of alarm that one or more fishing companions might actually tumble out of the boat while ducking to avoid an approaching tree branch, all the while trying to get a good look at the male eagle and the “small” eaglets he was training to fly, I was able to get a few of these pictures. While trying desperately not to drop my iPhone in the frigid water.



In this photo, you get another view of the morning fog that greeted us on the river.

















In the following photo, you can see the one of the bald eagles sitting on a tree branch just in front of the boat.




In this photo, one of the eaglets is swooping up and down the river, and then spiraling upward before diving into an available tree branch near its father.



















And, here’s a simple shot of a large spider’s web in the morning sunlight as the fog lifted.


















Oh, and today, someone’s donkey escaped and ran past the window while we were having lunch. After smugly eluding capture following consumption of the apple I fed it, it brazenly stood on the front porch and stared into the living room.  My son spent hours laughing about that donkey, which made the chasing effort well worth it.




















All images in this post are © Andrew Wargo IV.


Take a vacation, and enjoy life,




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  1. June 29, 2011

    Thanks for the perspective, Andrew. Wow, what pics you managed! and with an iphone to boot? That's surprising cuz my iphone doesn't take photos that well…you must share your secret…{:D. Either someone you know or you have had a previous incident with an iphone in the water? I can totally empathize as my 3G went swimming in my tub. Fried it totally as it was already cracked from one too many drops. Fog over the water was magical looking just like the donkey thru the window…lol. Does the heart a world of good and allows one to relax the body when the mind can let go of all the details of responsibility inherent in the daily grind. I have always been one to take vacation time when something's come up like having a child or moving to a new home. Not a real vacation for either…just a shift of responsibilities. Now self-employed for the last 14 years, I have only managed one real vacation. Took a couple of 4-5 day weekends, but did manage to take 10 days for a trip to Catalina and then on to camping. it wasn't until the camping and gazing up into the stars that I realized how wonderful it was to have little to no concerns except how beautiful the milky way looks when you're out like that with no city lights to interfere. Sighhhh…see even the memory of that vacation still brings on a relaxation response. I'm aiming for a camping weekend this summer. At least a one nighter. So seriously, and iphone took these pics? {:D

    • Andrew permalink
      June 30, 2011

      Hi, Kathleen! I'm glad you enjoyed the article. And congratulations on the self-employment! That definitely seems to be the way to go. Even the challenges can be self-rewarding.

      Yes, I've known several people who have sent their phones into swimming pools, rivers, or the dog's watering bowl! I don't want mine in there. And yes, the photos in that blog piece were taken with my iPhone. I use CameraOne most of the time as the photo app because Snapture still turns everything blue. Snapture was great when it worked. If they need retouching or correcting, I usually use PhotoStudio on the phone, but I didn't edit the ones you saw. The best advice I can give is to be as still as possible, try to avoid overwhelming the camera with light flare, and if you have time, try tapping the screen in different places to force the CCD to sample light from different places before taking the shot.

      Good luck!

      By the way, a trip to Catalina sounds lovely!


  2. June 28, 2011

    Hi Andrew,

    You are so right about taking vacations. In our culture, we are overly focused on our work especially America and Canada. Someone had shared with me a few years ago that her daughter was moving to England for work. She stated when people ask: How are you? What have you been up to? They talk about their lives and vacations. In Canada and the States, we focus on our career and often reply first with that topic and later with our real life.

    PS I love how you were able to capture the spider web. They are such beautiful masterpieces.

    • Andrew permalink
      June 30, 2011

      Thank you, Julie. It has always astonished me how people from the United States tend to define themselves by their jobs rather than their relationship-building experiences and their community-oriented activities.

      I had hoped to get a better shot of the spider's web as it glittered in the sun, but the contrast between it and the water was too great. I'm glad you enjoyed the photo. Thank you for the compliment.


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