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Using Siri With Third-Party iOS Calendars

2012 October 17
tags: Effectiveness, iOS, iPhone, Lifehack, Productivity, Siri
by Andrew   

iphone gtdIt’s easy to feel – and be – more productive with Siri. But, how many times have you wanted to use Siri’s phenomenal ability to create a quick appointment, only to be thwarted by your third-party calendar? Tired of the work-around of creating the appointment with Siri on the fly, and then copying/pasting it into a third-party calendar?

The problem is Siri doesn’t talk to third-party calendars, like Pocket Informant (which is what I’ve used for years). As much as I love Siri, I don’t love it enough to give up Pocket Informant for the native calendar.

I recently wrote about a solution at and I’ve linked to the post for those of you who haven’t seen it.

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