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Tuesday Tips: Quietly Screen Your Mobile Callers!

2010 May 4
tags: Call Screening, Image, Tech Impaired, Tuesday Tips
by Andrew   

Time for a slight format change. I’m keeping Friday nights as the normal publication time for the main piece each week. I want those of you who like weekend self-development time to have the pieces available, and I want those of you who like to have them on Monday morning to have them waiting for you. So, Friday night it will be…most of the time.

However, there are a fair to substantial number of tips, tricks, suggestions, and other odds and ends that are relevant to productivity, positive self-pojection, or something else that I will also publish on an alternate shedule. For now, these will be Tuesday Tips.

On to the tip…

Do you have a mobile phone? Who doesn’t anymore?! Do you take it to meetings with you? Or the coffee shop, restaurant, or movies?

Every adult I see, and most children over 10, have mobile phones. The interesting thing is the children and teens know how to use them. They even have a ringtone most adults can’t hear. I like this, because most adults have a ringtone I CAN hear and I DON’T usually like it. It’s infuriating for me (and most people) to have to listen to a phone ring while the owner gets that I’m-somebody-so-I-have-to-let-this-ring-while-I-decide-whether-to-answer-it look. You aren’t that important…if you were, someone would hand you your mobile phone when the people with whom you need to talk call.

Learn how to make the ringer stop while you consider whether to take the call. On the iPhone, click the volume button or the sleep/wake button once. The BlackBerry also comes with a nice convenient button on top that does this. On most other phones, click the volume button once. If that doesn’t work, read the manual. You’ll look ever so much more technologically savvy in meetings (if you haven’t figured out notification profiles), and everyone at the coffee shop/mall/restaurant/movies might love you…maybe.

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  1. Tiffany Wargo permalink
    May 5, 2010

    Thank you for addressing this! It is sooo frustrating for that to happen in the midst of a meeting or movie or wherever. Yes! Please learn how to silence the ring while you look at the number!! Especialy if your ringtone is Conway Twitty's "Hello Darling" on at the loudest volume your phone will go to!!!! Not that I have anything against felllow Mississippian Conway, just that in the middle of a staff meeting is not the place to hold your phone and look dumbfounded as he continues to sing!!!

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