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Tuesday Tips: Flight Time is My Time

2010 June 1
tags: Revitalization, Self-Care, Tuesday Tips
by Andrew   

“Flight time is my time.” A wise Flag Officer I once knew said this…and meant it.

It didn’t mean work was never done on planes, especially at his level of responsibility, but work had a different meaning than it necessarily had on the ground. Flight time was for recharging, replenishing, and relaxing.

If you positively, absolutely must finish a speech, presentation, review, or whatever before the plane lands, then do it. Otherwise, you aren’t being as productive as necessary. Hopefully, however, you’ve begun applying some of the principles I’ve discussed and have found them helpful. If so, you should find yourself in the happy position of having some time on the plane to spend as you wish.

There are myriad ways to spend this time. I suggest having several items in your briefcase or other onboard bag that are intellectually or culturally enriching, relaxing, uplifting, or that engage you in a positive manner otherwise. Make use of the time to read, write (creatively), meditate, pray, listen to music, chat with traveling companions or seatmates (unless they’re wearing headphones and/or are buried in a book!), or whatever positively boosts your sense of well-being.

Make it a habit. Make it the priority. If you don’t take care of yourself, no one is going to do it for you.

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