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Tuesday Tips: Eliminate the Stress of Travel Documentation with SaneBox

2013 November 26
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by Andrew   

effective emailIs your inbox still filling up with email you intend to get back to, only to find it’s being buried by new mail and hindering your ability to easily find trip-related messages?  Are you using your inbox to keep yourself reminded of hotel, plane, and rental car reservations and confirmation numbers? Worse still, are you trying to use it to keep track of emailed expense receipts?

I found that happened to me all too often in the past, and more recently as emailed receipts became the default, and I have more than a few friends and acquaintances with the same challenge.

Read on, because I have an easy solution for you…

I’ve previously written about the inbox-saving reminder features of SaneBox, a great – and very affordable – email management tool that integrates with many different providers. You can read the original post about SaneBox here.  It describes the service in greater detail and explores a few of the great features it has, including how to use them (it works great “out of the box”).

Even when SaneBox is working for you all day long to keep your inbox clear of all but the most important mail, you’ll still end up with an inbox full of mail if you’re using the inbox to keep up with trip reservations, confirmations, and receipts.  If you only get a tiny bit of mail, that probably isn’t a problem and you probably don’t need SaneBox anyway.  For the rest of us, the inbox fills up quickly if we don’t file or delete mail, and filing it in another folder means you have to check that folder to get reminded of things you put there.

SaneBox once again pays for itself.  You can do several great things with @SaneTrips or @SaneTravel, which are custom folder names (you can use what you like except for reserved folders:

  • Move relevant emails into one of these folders and SaneBox learns
  • Gain the ability to look in one place for your trip reservations and confirmations
  • Have all of your expense receipts filed in one place for easy retrieval

You can do all of the above with a SaneBox custom folder, and it will do even more work to keep your inbox from being cluttered.  With a little practice and commitment to filing the mail in the right place, SaneBox will learn that you want one type of email to go in @SaneTrips and one type to go in @SaneTripReceipts if you want that level of segmentation.

As always, you can discontinue the auto-filing by removing the folders, or by retraining SaneBox by putting the mail where you want it to go in the future.

The folks at SaneBox have developed a great service for a very affordable price. They help make email useful again, and that’s worth it for me.

You can sign up for SaneBox here (affiliate) and save $5, or directly at


Take care, and enjoy life,


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