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Top Time-Wasting Productivity Killers At Work

2010 July 2
tags: Productivity, Self-Care
by Andrew   

Really want to be more productive at work? Ready to reduce your stress levels dramatically?

Try eliminating these top productivity killers for a week. You’ll get more done and feel less pressure.

Admittedly, the ranking is non-scientific, but I don’t have to be a veterinarian to know a dead horse when I see one. And I’ve known plenty of people endlessly frustrated because the following things take up their time at work instead of actual work.

10. Too many visits to the coffee shop/water cooler
9. Surfing news sites or reading the newspaper
8. Surfing the web
7. Online chat
6. Running out for breakfast
5. Downloading hot new iPhone apps
4. Too many “check-ins” with coworkers
3. Reading every email as soon as it arrives
2. Facebook. Stay away from FB at work.

And the number one productivity killer at work?

1. Performing tasks that should be delegated

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