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Taking My Own Advice

2010 August 9
tags: Getting Things Done, GTD, Productivity, Self-Care
by Andrew   

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about paring down the pile of journals that exists in most of our offices.

I took my own advice last week and got ready to recycle a stack of journals almost a foot thick. And then an amazing thing happened…

I realized I didn’t want to toss them all without skimming them. After all, some of them might contain articles I care about! So, what did I do? I skimmed them. Covers, headlines, taglines. Then, I decided what I wanted to read. And started reading. If it was worthwhile, I continued. If it wasn’t, I stopped.

Don’t feel beholden to the tyranny of have-to-finish-what-you-start-reading. What do you do if you find you’ve suddenly bitten into a very unpleasant hors d’oeuvre? You very politely find a new home for it. You don’t eat several more. If you find yourself reading droll, dry, or -horror of horrors – just plain fallacious material, feel free to stop. Move on.

I actually found several interesting articles I was glad to have found. I clipped several for my wife, my brother, and a few other people. All in different career fields. And all of the articles were from my professional magazines. Will everyone be enamored with the articles I selected for them? Quite possibly not, but you never know. And we will certainly have some interesting conversational kindling.

And, when I was finished, I still recycled a lot of paper.

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