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Pirate Productivity

2014 September 19
tags: Communication, Productivity, Talk Like A Pirate Day, Work Humor
by Andrew   

Talk Like A PirateArrrr!

It be grand news, me hearties! T’day be Talk Like A Pirate Day!

I didn’t ken it was t’day! Typical I miss it, and it o’ertakes me to the doldrums. I be grateful to me fellow pirates fer remindin’ me.

Now, I’m sure everyone is wondering if I really wrote a blog post about talking like a pirate. Yes…I did. You’re reading it. Why would I do such a thing on a productivity and leadership blog?
Because it’s fun! And if you can’t have fun at work…well, that’s no fun at all.

I’m not suggesting you talk like a pirate all day, although you could if your workplace doesn’t keelhaul you for it. And you probably shouldn’t answer incoming calls in your pirate voice unless you recognize the caller. But, a little benign pirate dialog thrown in throughout the day could easily liven things up and actually increase the effectiveness of communication a bit because ye’ll have t’ think harder about th’ message ye want to convey, and your listeners will have to listen more closely and – hopefully – do the same thing if they try it.

Try having a pirate-voice-only staff meeting today and see what happens. Hilarity will most certainly ensue, and hopefully everyone has a good time. Just don’t let the pirates on your crew skewer the landlubbers too much. We wouldn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings or make them feel singled out just because they don’t want to talk like a pirate. Some folks don’t like role play. Me? I looooove role play. Except at training.

If you want a sign you can print for your desk…door…car window…whatever, you can download one here:

  TLAP_Sign.pdf (86.1 KiB, 334 hits)

Now back to work, scallywags, armed with your piraty accent and verbiage: TLAPD Short Lexicon


Arrrr! Take care, and enjoy being a pirate today!


I’ve also written a related article about motivating approaches to getting your work done.

Photo Credit: Flickr (mr.throk)

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