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One Easy Step To An Inbox That Contains Only The Mail You Want

2014 July 1
tags: Effective Email, SaneBox, Time Management, Tuesday Tips
by Andrew   

effective emailAre you striving for “inbox zero?” It’s a terrible goal. You’ll never meet it for more than a few minutes and then it’s self-defeating. Did you know an average person spends two to four hours every day reading and responding to email?! That’s a huge time-waster when many of those are junk, not urgent, or not important.
Here’s one easy step that results in only the mail you want to see arriving in your inbox.

There’s no two ways about it. I use email extensively for multiple purposes (business contacts, blogging contacts, personal messages, and sending article links to Pocket or Evernote). I easily could spend more than four hours checking and processing messages on most days.

I found that amount of time intolerable when much of the email I was wading through was not urgent, not important, not relevant to what I was working on at the time, and not from people whom I needed in my inbox every time they sent something. As I searched for solutions, I built incredibly complex email filters and labels in Gmail, custom notification triggers in IFTTT, and I added AwayFind for urgent needs to reach me. All of that worked okay, but I was still spending a vast amount of time managing the filters and tweaking them! There was no time savings!

I knew I needed a solution that met several needs in an integrated manner: prioritize my email based on importance (as determined by my actions on emails), work seamlessly with my existing workflow, weed out (and hide) unimportant email without removing it entirely, was compatible with my phone, tablet, and laptop, and eliminates the need to update filters manually and constantly.

The first one was really important because I had plenty of experience trying to train and maintain filters, so I needed something that learned quickly based on my actions, and that worked really well as soon as it started. As the constant filter ineffecticeness left my inbox still mixing unimportant with the important, I discovered SaneBox. It is without a doubt the best thing to happen to email since servers started talking to other servers. If voicemail was an improvement over answering machines, SaneBox makes regular filters and priority inboxes look like sticky notes while SaneBox is smart voicemail that knows based on your behavior what you want to see immediately and what can be delivered later.

SaneBox is a smart email management tool that analyzes your email relationships and decides what’s important based on your past behavior. It then automatically filters out unimportant email into a separate folder (yep) and summarizes it in a daily digest so you don’t miss anything (yep!). This means your inbox is filled exclusively with important/high-priority email. It literally saves me at least two hours and untold hassle every day (YEP!).

if you aren’t already off like a rocket, chomping at the bit, or burning rubber to get there, SaneBox also has a full suite of time saving features such as:
· SaneBlackhole – enables you to unsubscribe from annoying emails with one click
· Snooze folders – allows you to snooze emails until later
· Automatic follow-up reminders – receive notifications when an important contact didn’t respond to your email.
· SaneBox also works on any email service, client, or device just by adding a folder (YEP!!!).
If you’re sick of an overloaded inbox and want it fixed today, give SaneBox a try.

Take care, and enjoy life,

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