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Improve Your Customers’ Service Experience

2012 May 11
tags: broadband, cellular, cellular data, customer service, Wifi
by Andrew   


Have you ever been stuck in an office, store, or waiting area with no broadband signal for your phone? For those of us with @Waiting contexts for our GTD systems, or for anyone who uses the wait time to catch up on news, messages, or online games, being stuck in such a place with no broadband signal can be exasperating.

This week, Lifehack published an article I wrote on this subject, directed at guiding businesses to solutions that support their clients’ needs in this
regard. If you find yourself regularly without wifi or cellular signal in
businesses you frequent, you might find the article worth giving to those
businesses; and, if you happen to own or work for one of those businesses,
there are a couple of tips in the article geared toward you.

Take care, and enjoy life,


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