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Failure, Innovation, Success, and the Ties That Bind

2012 March 12
tags: Effectiveness, failure, innovation, Metacognition, Productivity, success
by Andrew   

Credit: Alfred Hermida

Failure, innovation, self-reflection, and follow-on successes are inextricably intertwined.  The connections between them have been demonstrated so many times that the concept is considered axiomatic among an overwhelming majority of successful leaders.

My friends Wendi Peck and Bill Casey at Executive Leadership Group provide executive leadership coaching, as well as write the blog at ELG and teach at the Naval Postgraduate School.  They’ve begun a great series of articles on the connection between failure and innovation, and I’d like to direct you to it.  You should begin the series with “When Failure Leads to Innovation, and When It Doesn’t.”

I hope you find the articles at ELG to be  incisive and beneficial; I know I have.


Take care, and enjoy life,


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