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Easy Stress Reduction: Pare the journals

2010 July 26
tags: Self-Care
by Andrew   

Looking for an easy way to free up a lot of potential time for productivity? Or just looking to ease back a little – or a lot – on the stress of undone things?

If you’re like most professionals, you have a huge pile of unread journals from your field. You need to do something drastic with them…

Start scheduling reading time so you can plow through the backlog, toss them all out except the most recent one, or continue to fall further behind. Those are the hard choices.

Keeping a growing pile of anything…correspondence, files, or professional journals…saps creative energy and creates a negative thought environment. You will look for things to do other than sort, file, or read.

And, the pile will continue to grow.

If you’re going to read them, then read them. Or hire someone to clip articles based on criteria you specify. And have them toss the rest into the recycling bin.

Professional journals may not be the most uplifting reading, depending on your profession, but they shouldn’t be dragging you into negative thought space because they’re cluttering your work area, either.

Pare the journals…by reading, by hiring a “clipper,” or by tossing them all into a bin marked “recycle” and resolve to schedule time to read the things. As often as they arrive. If you don’t, cancel the subscriptions and save some paper and save yourself some stress.

No one ever learned by proximity to a pile of journals. Scheduling this reading time is as essential to your professional development and self-care as exercise, good nutrition, and positive relationships.

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