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Remember: Monday, Oct. 16, is Boss’s Day

2017 October 14
tags: Appreciation, Boss Day, Valuing Others
by Andrew   

Remember, Monday, October 16, is Boss’s Day.  Traditionally, this day is used to thank bosses for being kind and fair throughout the year.  It has been celebrated for over five decades in the United States and is gaining popularity around the world.  Read on for a bit more about the purpose of the day and some ways to acknowledge your appreciation for your boss.

Wait a minute, you say.  Recognize my boss for being fair and kind?  Absolutely. And why not?  We certainly expect our bosses to be fair and kind, and treat us equitably…but does that always happen?  No.  And even the best of intentions on the part of managers can go awry under high-pressure, stressful situations at work.  A few examples of such conditions include mergers, acquisitions, market downturns, economic slowdown, staff cutbacks, or even, gasp, a shutdown of the government.

Through it all, however, some bosses manage to be kind and fair, and even maintain a good sense of humor and foster team cohesion.  It’s worth stopping by to say thanks, or leave a note or card, or flowers, or a gift card to a nice restaurant, or whatever is appropriate for your workplace and the relationship you have (or would like to have) with your boss.  And I mean professional relationship.

There are many ways to show appreciation, and not all of them require the giving of a tangible gift.  If your boss is overloaded and still conveys kindness and fairness, then offer to share some of the load if you have the time.  Be sure you don’t take on a task for which you aren’t equipped, but you can certainly offer to help out in areas where you have expertise or even just working knowledge.



Take care, and enjoy life,


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