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Administrative Professionals’ Week is This Week

2018 April 26
tags: Administrative Professional's Day, Being Gracious, Valuing Others
by Andrew   

thank youMark your calendars for Wednesday, April 25. It’s Administrative Professionals Day. And it’s Administrative Professionals Week all week.

Getting much done? Office running like it should? Or better than it would be if you were running it alone? Are your clients or customers happy with your responsiveness? Did you get those appointments you need with your so-busy-there’s-no-open-calendar-until-2019 boss? It’s because you, he or she, or both of you, probably have an indispensable administrative professional keeping things moving along.

Be sure to say “thank you.”

A few suggestions:

  • Time off
  • A handwritten note of appreciation
  • A gift certificate to his or her favorite restaurant for two or more
  • A culturally-appropriate gift
  • Lunch with you probably isn’t a reward…and she or he will be too polite and professional to say so

Now is also a great time to consider giving your administrative professional more responsibility, if they want it, and planning to have the discussion

Take care, and enjoy life,


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